The Value of Play

Why Play?
Everyone likes it ... Yet some are reluctant to. Not taking ourselves so seriously but taking what we do seriously is the essence of play. Using a sense of humor includes people if used right and excludes people is used improperly. Discovering the right channel of play helps teams achieve more.

"For every job that must be done
there is an element of fun."

- Mary Poppins

Variables of Play
Add more energy with small changes that elevate the level of play. Understanding the dynamics of play helps your team turn up the volume of fun. Know when to make the changes to maximize your fun and productivity. Whether with youth groups or us "older adults" these elements are the same. They are simple to understand and powerful to use.

How We Can Help
We love to play! We offer workshops and ideas of how to implement these fun ideas and add play to work, life, and the classroom. We're not for everyone, but if we're the right fit for you ... let's go fly a kite!

"There's always time for fun. Throw me he ball!"
- Sebastian the Dog

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