Creating Powerful Presentations

Electronic Presentation Pointers
Tired of boring presentations with electronic slides? Too much information on the slide will have audiences tuning out what you are saying. Poor design leads to mis-information. Check out these simple guides to help make your presentation more powerful.

  1. Simple ways to strength the design of your presentation - Electronic Presentations Design Chart
  2. Steps to develop your presentation - Electronic Presentations Development Process
  3. A storyboard to decide what to include on each slide - Presentation Planner
  4. Some examples of slides that have been improved - Electronic Presentations Examples

Group Warm-ups
Engage your audience before you engage your audience. Warm-ups help you jump start your group's thinking before you start the hard thinking. Use these free warmup ideas.

  1. A fun quiz for folks to complete before a meeting - Fun Quiz 1
  2. Another version of a fun quiz - Fun Quiz 2
  3. A different fun quiz - Two by Two
  4. Infamous Pig Drawing exercise to use at the beginning or whenever you need to add energy to the group - Pig Drawing

How We Can Help
Use the freebies found on this page. If you are looking for training or ideas on how to improve your next presentation by creating more effective presentations and meetings. Contact us... we don't have solutions for everyone, but if we can help you... let's go fly!

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